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Perfectly Simple Direct Mail

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Goodbye spam. Hello Sentt.

Introducing a powerful new platform that allows you to speak directly to your customers with personalised letters and postcards, whilst avoiding the dreaded spam filter.

What is Sentt

Simply put, Sentt is a powerful, yet easy to use platform for sending real letters, documents and postcards directly from your computer to any of your customers or contacts. Whether it be sending a quote, contract or brochure to a single contact, or utilising your existing customer data to drive content to multiple contacts using our clever tools and automations. Sentt makes it easy for you to communicate effectively with your customers in a highly targeted, tangible format, that they will not only love, but also remember.

It’s time to think differently about your business marketing

Your customers’ inbox and feeds are drowning in a sea of busy offers and ads. Email marketing used to be king of marketing, but response rates have tanked over recent years to an abysmal 0.1% (Gulp! That's bad).

As Facebook and Google costs continue to rise it's time to elevate your brand and communicate differently with your customers.

Sentt helps you fight the spam filter and rising PPC costs by giving you the ability to stand out from the crowd and market to your customers in a way they actually like. Best of all, research shows that over 80% of customers read real mail and actually hang on to it.

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What makes Sentt unique

Sentt is a marketing platform that marries direct mail with the most valuable features of digital marketing - ability to segment your audience at a very granular level and deliver the most relevant, personalised marketing message to your customer base through their letterbox, all the while tracking performance every step of the way.

Recurring, event-driven mail

Automate your mail sends based on events or actions your customers performed online such as when a customer makes a purchase, signs up or when it’s time for them to renew their subscription, or simply schedule your campaigns to run on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

Send perfectly timed mail campaigns

Re-engage your website visitors or past customers with targeted, perfectly timed, highly-personalised content that keeps you top of mind, throughout your customers’ journey. Make purchasing personal again, with the power of a personal letter or postcard at exactly the right time.

Affordable pricing

Our platform is designed to be accessible to all businesses of all sizes. Whether you're sending just 1 letter or 10s of 1000s - Sentt allows you to send campaigns of any size, on any budget, and at a cost almost half the price of a regular stamp and print, it’s simply outstanding value.

Deliver your message directly

Send targeted, personalised messages to your customers that they will like and appreciate, directly to their mailbox. Reach out to them at the right time, with the right message.

Leverage your existing customers

Turn your existing customers into new sales simply and effectively. Keep your customers closer by communicating to them offline as well as online. Be it a reminder postcard or a letter about your latest promotions, Sentt makes it easy to create long-lasting personal customer relationships.

Track, trace and measure impact

Gone are the days when direct mail was a shot in the dark. With Sentt, you can track the performance of your campaigns or each individual letter in a simple and effective way.

Why use Sentt

These days we have become obsessed with all things virtual, however it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of a physical object when it comes to moving people emotionally. Moving people emotionally towards a desired action is what marketing is all about. All you have to do is imagine for one second sending your loved one an email on a special occasion instead of a thoughtful card or letter and you can instantly see the difference between the virtual and physical equivalence of the same message. And yet most businesses today rely, often solely, on this method of communicating when marketing to their customers. It's time to add another string to your marketing bow and send physical messages as easily as you do virtual ones.

Sentt connects with your favourite apps and addons

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We believe in simplicity

Watch Sentt in action and see how easy it is to deliver powerful marketing



Easily target the right customers every time using our smart audience segmentation. Base your segments on location, average order value, customer lifetime value, tags, source and any meta data you wish to add. Create rules to include customers that match any or all of the rules into the right audience segment.

Designer + Canva

Create your own eye-catching letters and postcards using our advanced yet easy to use design editor. You can even create your designs using the world-class Canva suite and insert them directly into your campaigns!

Upload your own images or elements or choose from our extensive image library to make your letters truly unique.

PDF Documents

Send your own existing PDF documents at the click of a button. Whether it's sending your customers a product brochure, or impressing them by sending their quotes, invoices or contracts through the mail, Sentt makes this possible, effortlessly.


Send fully personalised mail to your entire customer base or a segment of it in just a few clicks! With Sentt, you don't just get a standard template bulk mailed to your clients, you get to send fully personalised mail using our advanced merge tags.

Every print is directly addressed to your customer and you can use their personal details and purchase details within the design itself too.


Set it and forget it! With our powerful automations, you can automatically trigger mail outs of letters and postcards based on any action or changes in your system. For example, send welcome letters to any new client on sign up, or send customers a card on their birthday! Want Sentt to send out reminder letters for services? Simply set the schedule and let automations take care of the rest. You can also control your budget by setting daily spend limits, automation will pause and then will pick up where they left off once it has budget available again.


Create customisable and embeddable forms for your website. Capture new leads or customer information directly from your own website, with the option to automatically send a signup personalised mail, such as product information or welcome packs as soon as they complete your form.


See all of your contacts in one place - sort, search and filter. Click on a contact to view all their information, including location map and lifetime value. Use the Quick Send feature to instantly send mail to any one individual contact.

Sentt Quality

We know you expect a product that represents your brand in look, but also in feel, that's why we produce our letters on thicker, premium quality 120 gsm paper and high end 340 gsm satin finish card for our postcards, giving you and your recipients the confidence that your business represents quality.

Why Sentt

Sentt levels the playing field for ambitious brands and smart businesses by giving them a powerful and sophisticated, yet an extremely accessible marketing tool, traditionally only reserved for the big guys. Harness the power to grow and deliver effective and engaging content right to your customers door.

What our customers have to say about Sentt

Kate W.
Kate Wood Funeral Celebrant

Being able to design and send out quick and personal updates has been a great advantage. Many of my clients ignore emails but the personalised postcards have been so well received. It doesn't compare to any other marketing I've tried.

Stephen B.
SW19 Osteopaths

"A fabulous product"
Our online digital marketing on social media or via email, is often ignored, and only responded to by a handful of our patients, so we wanted something more focussed and direct. The capacity to add anything in Sentt to the mailing, including QR codes, means that it integrates smoothly. Being able to contact people directly and creatively by post, in such a simple, and cost effective manner, is a breath of fresh air. The feedback has been really positive.

Indre B.

"Direct mail revamped"
It's a perfect piece of software for anyone who wants to send out real post to their customers, really easy to use and budget friendly. Our plan is to continue using it as one of the ways we communicate with our customers

Dave S.
Dave Seadon Design

"A unique service that provides a great marketing opportunity"
This is such a unique and cool service as it creates an exciting marketing opportunity for my business. Sentt is so easy to use - I can create and send materials out to my clients within minutes of signing up.


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