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Drag, Drop, Send

The simplest way to post letters and mail without ever having to go to the post office

How Sentt works

Never stand in line to post a letter again

Step 1.

Select or drag and drop the documents, PDF’s or images you wish to send as a letter into Sentt.

Step 2.

Add an address or several, using our smart post code lookup, or bulk import your contacts to Sentt via CSV.

Step 3.

Select the postage class you want and hit send. Through the magic of Sentt, your letter is address marked, printed, inserted into an envelope and sent to your selected recipients, leaving you to get on with your day.

Why Sentt works

Put simply post has the power to impress! Whether you are sending lots of letters to perspective clients or sending a CV for a job application leave an impression by being different.

You've got mail

Sentt vs. Email

Unlike an email, a posted letter captures your readers' imagination and holds their for attention far longer. Letters avoid getting missed in bloated inboxes and can cut through the spam filter, all whilst engaging your reader with a physical item.

Whether its important business information or showcasing a new product or service, use the power of post to your advantage. Place a letter in the hand of your audience for truly meaningful engagement that will set you apart.

But wait, there's more

Sentt is packed with powerful features that allow you to do even more

Sentt to many

Sentt allows you to effortlessly create campaigns to send to multiple contacts or groups of contacts. Using dynamic templates with merge fields each letter or card can be automatically customised to your reader, engaging them personally with information that's specific to them.

Use beautiful designs + Canva

Built directly into Sentt is the Sentt designer, allowing you to create beautiful and engaging letters and cards in minutes. Utilise our smart merge tools to create dynamic templates at the click of a button that merge details specific to your reader automatically. Best of all we've integrated with Canva giving you true creative freedom when it comes to your designs.


Use interactions with your favourite software to automatically trigger and send powerful post to your customers instantly. Whether this is sending a welcome letter to new customers on sign-up, sending an invoice from your accounting package, or sending a product brochures from your CRM system, Sentt automation makes this happen seamlessly.

See Sentt in action

Sentt connects to your favourite apps
to leverage the power of post

Connect to your favourite CRM to send out product or company information at a click of a button

Connect to your accounting package to send out invoice reminder letters

Connect to your ecommerce site to send vouchers or to remind customers to checkout

Connect to your job management platform to send out reminder notices for upcoming services

Connect to Zapier to connect to anything else and let your marketing ....

Sentt quality

We know you expect a product that represents your brand in look, but also in feel, that's why we produce our letters on thicker, premium quality 120 gsm paper. High end 300/340 gsm satin-finish card is used for our greetings cards and postcards giving you and your recipients the confidence that your business represents quality.

Delivered by the best

All your letters, postcards, brochures and greetings cards are printed and processed in the UK and proudly delivered by Royal Mail.

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Get started for free

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Pay as you go

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Discounted postage
Unlimited storage
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Brilliant!. Being able to design and send out quick and personal updates has been a great advantage. Many of my clients ignore emails but the personalised postcards have been so well received. It doesn't compare to any other marketing I've tried.

Kate W.
Kate Wood Funeral Celebrant

A fabulous product. Our online digital marketing on social media or via email, is often ignored, and only responded to by a handful of our patients, so we wanted something more focussed and direct. The capacity to add anything in Sentt to the mailing, including QR codes, means that it integrates smoothly. Being able to contact people directly and creatively by post, in such a simple, and cost effective manner, is a breath of fresh air. The feedback has been really positive.

Stephen B.
SW19 Osteopaths

Direct mail revamped. It's a perfect piece of software for anyone who wants to send out real post to their customers, really easy to use and budget friendly. Our plan is to continue using it as one of the ways we communicate with our customers

Indre B.

A unique service that provides a great marketing opportunity. This is such a unique and cool service as it creates an exciting marketing opportunity for my business. Sentt is so easy to use - I can create and send materials out to my clients within minutes of signing up.

Dave S.
Dave Seadon Design

What you can send with Sentt

Whether you are an individual or a busy business, Sentt is perfect for sending anything from welcome letters to quotes, to invoices, Services reminders, wedding invites, newsletter, CVs, Birthday cards, Christmas cards, vouchers, post cards, appointment reminder, final payment request, Thank you cards, contracts and so much more.

Test it out for yourself today and
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Literally no setup. Start sending post instantly.

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